Life in the Kingdom, Part 1

Life in the Kingdom, Part 1
A Step-by-Step Guide to the Kingdom of God
An Introduction Part 1
By Judy W. Howard
Published by Eagles Word Christian Publisher, Eagles Word
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This book covers the prediction, announcement and actual birth of the King with recorded proof.
It then goes on to describe the life of the King emphasizing that His ultimate goal was always to do good to His fellow man. By living this life before the world, He demonstrated that it is possible for all human beings to do likewise. As a result of having laid out the way and paid the price for mankind's entrance into the Kingdom of His Father, He then ends by extending an invitation to all to join Him in His Kingdom. The author lays out the necessary steps in this compact, yet comprehensive booklet.

Perfect | 22 pages | $5.00 USD | 4.25x6.87 | 978-0-9665681-6-5 | October 1, 2013