Hold on to Your Freedom

 Paul referred to circumcision as a yoke which had been placed on people by the law (the Old Covenant), but when Jesus came in a vision to Peter and told him, “what God has made clean do not call common” (Acts 10:15), God removed the stigma associated with being a member of a different sect, community, race, religion or ethnicity.

Peter, like many other people today, struggled with that for a long time. He wanted to keep his people pure – he wanted them to be special to God – to be segregated for special blessing (like the baptism of the Holy Ghost).  So, God chose Paul to bring clarity to the community.

Paul’s message was, and still is, [Galations 3:28] “there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no  male or female, for you are all one in Christ.” This brings liberation to races, removes social status and eliminates gender discrimination.  Women are not subservient – they have been made free! People are not separated by position – everyone is the same! Your ethnicity does not matter – all races are free!

The law has been amended. The law of Exodus 20 has been amended by the law of Matthew 22:37-40. The amended law encompasses and improves on the original law. All curses are broken!

So, Independence 2020 is special. It is special because it is a time of remembrance and action.  We must remember that it is God who made us free, and we must act accordingly.  We must stand fast in the liberties that Christ’s death and resurrection instituted for us.

The amended law states that we must treat each other right regardless of social or economic status, regardless of color or educational background, and regardless of where people choose to worship.  This is particularly important in the Body of Christ, as we are the examples that Christ left for others to follow. All of mankind is now ONE.

On your acknowledgement of Jesus as God’s Son and as Savior of the world, you  are in this Oneness.  Upon your acceptance of His death and resurrection as your personal salvation, you have entered into the mindset of Christ.  The mindset of love for all.

Happy Independence! Enjoy your Freedom!!