Judy W. Howard

Her desire to write a series of books for the layman led her to learn the art of self-publishing.  She acknowledges that all gifts, talents, and wisdom comes from God, and is given for the benefit of all.

This, together with her natural love of helping others, led her to share her knowledge with others in the Body of Christ who had that same desire to write a book.

Consequently, after having written and self-published her own book, Judy shared her knowledge and abilities with a couple of her friends who then trusted her to publish what they had written.

In 2013, her vision of becoming a Christian publisher was realized, and she officially launched Eagles Word Christian Publisher.  It immediately became a success as one author referred another author.  Her indie publishing business is more than a business, it is a ministry to the Body of Christ.  As such, the cost of her services are remarkably lower than others.

Ms. Howard is an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus, and because of her Christian principles, she gives 10% of her profits from the business to ministries or charitable organizations.

Eagles Word Christian Publisher, as it name suggests, publishes only books that fall into this genre – books that point readers to God as the source of their life and successful existence.

To God Be the Glory – great things He has done!